Monday, March 5, 2012

Savor's Heartland 2nd Weekend

Bill and I dropped in on Shelley Savor's Heartland exhibition yesterday for her 2nd weekend at Arcadia Gallery.
We were thrilled to read this note from Mariana Farcas who went to Heartland after reading about it on this blog. Mariana -- thank you so much for your touching comments for Shelley and ourselves! We thought you might enjoy an appearance on Tomatoes!
Savor asked me to take some pictures for her to send to her Dutch friend, Maartje, who bought that painting with the green stripes.
Shelley and Maartje have an interesting blog: where the wind leads us.
When I'm around great art I get inspired to make some of my own. I drift away with the fairies...
...become fascinated by symmetry...
Bill heard the click of my camera and growled, "Are you taking pictures of the post?"
You have one more weekend to see Heartland at Arcadia Gallery -- next Saturday and Sunday, 10 and 11 March, from 2 to 5 pm. It's worth the trip to 680 Queen's Quay at Bathurst!


  1. nice to meet you tomatoesweethearts!!!




  2. And nice to meet you, Maartje. So happy you've hooked up with the divine Ms Savor. May we meet in the flesh one day!

  3. My very dear virtual friends, Bill and John,

    words can not tell how honoured and special you made me feel. Thank you sooo much.

    What a sweet way of Shelley and you saying hi to her Dutch friend (Shelley shared with me the journey of the green stripe painting).

    I loved visiting Heartland, the paintings seemed so alive, ... it was like they were talking to us. Just a great artist can make that happen.

  4. That was fun, wasn't it, Mariana. The speech balloons were Shelley's idea. It was great to hear that you'd visited her show after reading about it on Tomatoes and then to see your comment in her "comments book".