Thursday, June 23, 2011


On Blvd de Palais on the Île de la Cité in Paris, John and I visited the High Gothic jewel-box, Sainte-Chapelle (1248) built by Louis IX to house his treasured relic, The Crown of Thorns. Above, we see the little chapel hidden behind the Palais de Justice.
We entered into the ground-floor, lower chapel where the lower classes worshipped. The painted columns and Gothic arches are very rich and earthy in colour and a statue of Louis IX stands in the altar area.
Soon we climbed the narrow stairs to the Upper or Royal Chapel, reserved for the king, his family and court. The soaring stained-glass windows are separated by sculptures of the Apostles.
So much glass, so much colour and light for such a contained space. It really is stunning.
We marvelled at the beautiful Rose Window over the Upper Floor portals, a gift from Charles VIII in 1485. It's images represent the Apocalypse.
Even the floor tiles are stunning.
John particularly liked how this young visitor's feet matched the floors so well.
We stepped out of the 2nd floor portal onto the balcony to see lovely sculptures there.
The walls were decorated with medallions showing the Creation story from the Old Testament.
We all wanted to record the beautiful reliefs and their imagery,
though at times it was hard to tell just who was peering at whom.

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