Friday, June 24, 2011

Luxembourg Gardens

Last month after visiting an amazing show of the oeuvre of the German Renaissance painter, Lucas Cranach the Elder at the Musée du Luxembourg, John and I took a stroll through the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens. They lie at the feet of the Palais du Luxembourg built in 1631 for Marie de Medici, in imitation of the Pitti Palace in  Florence, her hometown. It now houses the French Senate.
The spacious and elegant gardens in the French style feature alleys of trees, gravel paths, terraces, statuary, a central reflecting pool and lots of comfortable chairs to accommodate the many locals who visit here everyday.
It's a favourite place for students from the local universities to read, hang out with friends or just soak up a few rays on a lovely Spring day.
There are always new features to discover like this memorial fountain dedicated to the French painter, Eugene Delacroix.
The Jardin du Luxembourg is worth a visit in all seasons but perhaps best in the spring with the blossuming shrubs and new foliage. Charming.

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